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Our Story

We started Forest Ink in 2009 selling graphic tees at local markets across the Dallas Metroplex. Over the next 6 years we tried a number of different styles before finally hitting our stride. At the time, our team of 3 all worked other jobs while running Forest Ink on the side.

In 2018 we created our online store, and slowly grew our online presence. In 2019 we launched a second brand called Groovy Things co, it has been growing steadily and our products are now in over 500 stores. In the spring of 2021 during the covid pandemic, Forest Ink sales exploded when one of our designs went viral. We all quit our day jobs to pursue Forest Ink + Groovy Thing co full time.

Today we design and manufacture all of our apparel and art prints. Our lines are sold in some of the coolest and largest stores throughout the world.

This has all been possible because of the amazing support from our customers. Thank you for believing in our vision and supporting us.